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Liebe Eltern, Natalia hat auch noch einige Worte zu ihrem Abschied verfasst und mich gebeten die hier zu veröffentlichen:


Good morning Dear Parents,

First, I would like to thank you for the big opportunity that I had in the Spielgruppe. It was one of the best experiences that i had before, sharing with your kids, playing, learning and laughing of all the funny and cute things that they have in their minds. It is no easy for me to say good bye, but my level in German is getting more difficult and I have to focus for the professional future that I am looking here in Switzerland. As I told Irene and the group of vorstandsfrauen, thank you also to gave me the opportunity without know me, I know that it is not easy as a parent to trust in a new person from another country, that’s why I’m really happy and thankful. I wish all of you a wonderful day, and please say hello to your kids and that I will always have them in my mind. Kind regards,

Natalia V. Guzman Ramirez

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